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Source talented software engineers

We’ve indexed millions of engineers—whether they’re actively searching for a job or not—and you can browse, cut, and slice the data to find the perfect hire.

Find people who have demonstrated talent in the community. We rank engineers by their Github contributions, existing network size, and other indicators to make your job easier.

Contact candidates by seeing who in your company is already connected to them (via Twitter, Facebook, or other methods) so you can reach out through a genuine connection.

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  • Reduce your lead time

    Quickly find the best by filtering on criteria like
    language, skill and location.

  • Social recruiting

    Analyze your company's combined social graph
    and get referrals from your team.

  • Team collaboration

    Star and share notes on candidates
    with the rest of your team.

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Questions and answers

How will help me? will help you identify the best software engineers for your company. We have a database of over four million developers, and let you cut & slice that data in various ways, such as filtering by engineers by skill, location, whether they work at a top company, or are connected to someone in your team.

How is this different from other sourcing tools?

Our focus is on social recruiting—leveraging your team's existing network to find engineers. Sourcing surfaces all the people connected to your team by analyzing Twitter, GitHub, Facebook and LinkedIn. In our experience, the best candidates often come through referrals.

Is this limited to solely finding software engineers?

Yes. We're currently focusing on just software engineers, and on engineering specific filters such as filtering by programming language and skill.

Can I invite the rest of my team?

Absolutely, indeed the more of your team you invite, the more valuable Sourcing gets. As well as collaborating by starring their favorite engineers, you can get an eagle eye's view of your team's combined social graph over Twitter and Facebook.

How do you find engineers?

We scour the web, and use multiple different sources of public data to find candidates. Next we put all that information through a variety of different algorithms to try and separate the wheat from the chaff.

How does the free trial work?

We give you a week's free trial to decide if works for you. If doesn't, no worries — you can close your account in one click.

I have more questions!

Just send us an email at, we'll be more than happy to help.

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